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About Us

    Northeast Equine Transportation is your quintessential "Mom and Pop" type horse transportation company offering the personalized service and the attention to details that you and your animals require and deserve.

    As a leading provider of horse transportation in Central New England, we take pride in offering the best service that we can, in a safe and timely manner - and at a cost that we believe is well below what others in this area charge. We are dedicated to serving your horse trailering needs each and every day - and at a price that won't break your bank, or ours.

     We are also horse owners, so we know and understand the costs and demands of horse ownership.  Sadly, there are fewer and fewer horse owners every year, yet we know of no other activity that is better in teaching better work ethics, morals, and responsibility in younger generations than that which is demanded by horse ownership. This is why we strongly support 4H by offering their deserving members a hefty discount.

      We have always loved horses, and, now that we are older, we wanted a greater avenue to enjoy our love of horses, and at the same time, try to help others reduce their cost of ownership. Here, then, was our dilemma;  How could a 60ish couple love and appreciate, not only their own horses, but those of others as well?  How could that couple promote horse ownership and get to meet and interact with all different breeds, temperaments, and sizes of dozens and dozens of horses, not to mention their owners?  How could that couple do all that, plus help so many horse owners in some financial way - and at the same time, try to help keep that special twinkle in a young girl's eye every time she sees a horse? How could they do all that, when they didn't have an extra dollar to help them with?  As it turned out, the answer to our dilemma had been parked in our driveway all along - our trusty Kingston.  We decided to look into it and see if we could provide a service to move horses as cheaply as possible, and in ways the "big guys" simply cannot do with their large cross country big-rigs?

      We figured if we could keep our costs down we could provide superior local and regional service by simply using a two-horse trailer.  Since we wouldn't be paying for a large, fancy, $150,000 tractor and a 10-horse trailer - our customers wouldn't be paying for them either.  And unlike those big-rigs, we would be able to get into just about any barnyard, stable, or driveway that a typical family sedan can.  Thus began  Northeast Equine Transportation.

      Once we got started we found we can provide great care and even pay more attention to your horse(s)  because we never have six or eight others on the trailer competing with yours for care and attention.  In most cases, your horse will be the only one on the trailer.

      Another way we found to keep our rate low and improve safety at the same time was to look at who would be best at doing the loading.  Horses respond better to those they know and trust. Nobody knows your horse better than you, (if you've had it for some time), or the seller, (if you are just buying it). Anyone from our company would be a total stranger to your horse.  So, in the interest of safety, you, the seller, or an experienced horse-person of your choosing, are expected to take the lead role in loading and/or unloading your horse.  We will assist in any way we can, and we close up the rear, but we do not take primary or lead role in loading your horse(s).  This way we can send out just the driver so you, the customer, are not paying for a second person to ride along for the entire run. 

      As stated above, we too, are horse lovers, and as such, we reserve the right to refuse to transport any animal to an auction and/or slaughter house, and may refuse any run which we believe could be a stepping stone towards the meat industry.  We also reserve the right to postpone or cancel any run due to inclement winter road conditions or high winds.

       Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.  Thank you for checking us out.  We look forward to the opportunity to be of service you.

                    Ken & Debbie 

Casanova, an 18H Clydesdale, on his way from PA to his new home in NH.

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