Northeast Equine Transportation   
A division of  For The Love Of Horses, LLC.  
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When Experience Matters

Call us at  774-633-1499

     Our rate is based on the cost of fuel and is subject to change, without notice, as the price of gas changes. Please call (774) 633-1499

     As you have seen, we are a small company with one truck and one, 2-horse gooseneck trailer.  As such, we do not run up and down the coast or criss-cross the country, picking up and dropping off horses along the way. Ninety-nine percent of our runs are dedicated. As such, we charge by the mile, round trip, loaded or empty, from our base in Southbridge, Ma., plus tolls, plus waiting time, (shows, clinics, etc.), plus Ferry if going to Long Island. We allow the first 3 hours waiting time, then charge $15 per hour.

     We do NOT charge for a second horse if both horses load and unload at the same locations.

     We do not charge a booking fee or a hook-up fee, but we do request a 50% deposit on runs with charges of $400, or more, to defray cost enroute.

     We prefer cash over "out-of-State" checks, and we unable to accept credit or debit cards.

     We do not charge extra for last minute requests or for middle of the night medical emergency runs to a medical facility.

     Discounted rates for 4H, subject to the situation.


Where your horse has a name, not a number

On the Long Island Ferry

On the Long Island Ferry